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Strategy of continuous development


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A pioneer when it comes to the latest and innovative product development in the industrial cleaning industry, that is the best way to describe KOKS. Due to continuously developing our own products in the best possible way, we are always one step ahead at technology. Due to our best specialists together with our welding robots, we can ensure you the highest quality and the latest innovation in product development. With this way of working we are able to listen to your wishes, and keep improving each of our vehicles in the best way. This makes us capable to compete in the international market.


With all our engineers in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, we do the best we can to construct your product in the best possible way adapted to your wishes, so we build a perfect vehicle which meets the specific needs of the market you are operating in. We will never stop innovate in our engineering and are always on a journey to discover new technologies.

The latest innovation: the KOKS CycloVac

We would like to present your our latest innovation the KOKS CycloVac; This lightweight structure, which can be mounted on several axle chassis,  is an easy to control air displacement system equipped with an automatic cyclone cleaning system!  It operates with cyclone separation instead of filter separation, in this way the cyclones will be cleaned automatically, so we can get rid of the time-consuming filter kit and the process to change from liquid-works to solid-works. This truck is ASME, DOT 407/412 and/or ATEX (Ex) certified and provided with a stainless steel AISI 316 tank so there is no limitation to work with dangerous goods.

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Unique: the KOKS CycloVac

What makes the KOKS CycloVac air displacement unit with cyclone separator unique?


  • Lightweight, so also suitable for a 3-axle chassis.
  • Cyclone separation instead of filter separation.
  • Easily switching between solids and liquids, because there is no filter kit having to be exchanged.
  • Due to the unique, patented return suction system, cyclones will never have to be cleaned.
  • Easy control.

KOKS United States Corporation is part of  the Dutch KOKS Group an international manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks (DOT 407/412) and heavy industrial cleaning equipment. KOKS has a very advanced product engineering department where the finest machines are designed. Fit-for-purpose functionality, value for money, ease of use and contemporary design are key considerations during this process. 

KOKS Group DOT vacuum truck builder factory in Alkmaar

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