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A KOKS MegaVac for water cleaning

Thursday, January 23, 2020
KOKS Wodnick MegaVac

Earlier this week we were in Poland with our dealer Wodnick, in order to deliver this impressive KOKS MegaVac air displacement unit to GPW Katowice and to instruct the operators at the same time.

As additional options, this vehicle is equipped with:

  • A blowing cover, in order to blow product from the pressure/vacuum tank to the intended location.
  • A telescopic suction boom, in order to vacuum from high locations or hard to reach places.

The customer will deploy the KOKS MegaVac for cleaning water treatment filter systems. They do this by sucking polluted sand from the water treatment filter systems, filling the tank with clean sand at another location and then blowing it back into the water treatment filter systems. We wish our customer in Poland a lot of job satisfaction with their new KOKS MegaVac!

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