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KOKS delivers a MegaVac Loader!

Friday, November 8, 2019
KOKS Megavac Loader

During the last few days, an extensive inspection took place on behalf of the delivery of the KOKS MegaVac Loader. This vehicle will be used for cleaning at a factory, which is responsible for the refining process in the copper industry.

Specifications and benefits of the KOKS MegaVac Loader:

  • Is suitable for suctioning both wet and dry substances.
  • Is provided with a stainless steel AISI 316 grade tank, which makes it more resistant to certain acids.
  • Is equipped with a very powerful vacuum pump with an air displacement of 8100 m3/h, so the product can easily be vacuumed over a distance of 150 meters.
  • Is placed on a 20 ft container frame, which can easily be attached by using a twistlock system (so a chassis can be applied locally).

We wish our customers a great deal of safe cleaning hours!

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