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KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck

Technical characteristics

The KOKS EcoVac pressure/vacuum truck has many technical specifications. If you want to get to know them all, please feel free to download the brochure by clicking on the orange button. 

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Designed and certified for

  • Assembly on a 3-axle, min 320 HP chassis.
  • Transportation of hazardous substances.
  • ASME, DOT 407/412 requirements (for specificions refer to option KE-15).

Pressure/vacuum tank

  • Volume : 3170 USG, excl. the service water tank.
  • Material : stainless steel AISI 316 grade, material no. 1.4404.
  • Rear door : hydraulically opening and bolting.
  • Discharging : by means of tipping of tipping and pressurizing.
  • Loading : by means of suctioning.
  • Including:
    • 6” suction/discharge connections with ball valve.


Service water tank

  • On behalf of: cooling the liquid ring vacuum pump.
  • Volume: 317 USG.
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Including: hinged exhaust stack.

Vacuum pump

  • Type : liquid ring.
  • Capacity: 1766 CFM.
  • Max. vacuum : 28 inHg.
  • Piping: completely stainless steel, provided with filter.
  • Drive : V-belt transmission from the motor/distribution PTO.


  • Type: rotary vane pump.
  • Capacity: 118 CFM, 43.5 psi overpressure.
  • Drive: hydraulic.

Clean water tank

  • On behalf of : the high pressure pump.
  • Volume : 396 USG.
  • Material : stainless steel.
  • Including : min. level protection.

High pressure pump

  • Capacity : 7.9 gpm, 1740 psi.
  • Including : hose reel with hose and HP gun.


  • Length : approx. 400”.
  • Width : approx. 98”.
  • Height : approx. 146”, chassis-dependent.
  • Wheelbase : approx. 253”, chassis-dependent.


  • Empty weight : approx. 36000 lbs, chassis-dependent.
  • Max. permissible weight : 62000 lbs, depending on the regulations in the country of destination.

Standard safety provisions

  • Consisting of : rupture disc, hose rupture safety valves on behalf of the rear door and tipping cylinder, beacon light, emergency stop, tip unbolting protection, repair cross beam, catwalk, rear door clamp protection, earth reel, emergency stop reel, rear door protection, tipping protection and powder extinguisher.


  • Provisions : working light, rear bumper and stainless steel control
    box/hose box/tool box.
  • Body inspection : arranged by KOKS United States.
  • Instruction manual : consisting of operating/maintenance instructions,
    drawings and schedules.