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Member of KOKS Total care team

Gerard Koks sr.

KOKS Total Care consultant Gerard Koks sr.

“I am intensely proud of our KOKS Total Care Team and the two new, very experienced and respected consultants who have agreed to join that team. In combination, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired during our activities in industrial cleaning and through personal involvement in the radical developments that have taken place within the petrochemical industry in Rotterdam (Holland) during the last 50 years. Together with customers, service providers, suppliers and temporary employment agencies, we initiated creation of the SIR foundation more than 30 years ago. This foundation is unique in the world and makes a significant contribution to achieving high levels of safety and efficiency in the industrial cleaning sector. That has made it possible for us to develop good cleaning methods, effective cleaning machines and industry-specific training courses. Sharing this knowledge and experience is of paramount importance, as is coordinating and steering its practical application. Consequently, we feel that we should not only supply equipment for industrial cleaning, but also offer the service provider and the customer the opportunity of hiring our very experienced consultants”. 

Gerard Koks sr.

Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team