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Vacuum truck

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What is a vacuum truck?

Vacuum trucks are also called liquid ring truck, vacuum tanker or liquid vacuum trucks. Vacuum trucks are capable of suctioning, discharging and transporting large amounts of fluid and hazardous substances, such as liquids, sludge, fats, oils, fuels and chemicals. To be able to work with hazardous and contaminated substances, a vacuum truck must be DOT 407-412 executed.

What kind of vacuum trucks are there?

There are different types of vacuum trucks available in different executions. You can divide the kind of vacuum trucks in the following categories:

  • Vacuum trucks for dry substances.
  • Vacuum truck for wet substances.
  • Vacuum trucks for both wet and dry substances.


Each vacuum truck is unique and available in different executions for instance:

  • An DOT 407-412 execution for transporting dangerous goods.
  • An excavator execution.
  • An cold region execution for working in countries/ regions below 0 degrees.


All kind of vacuum trucks and their executions will be made according your wishes.

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What kind of work can you do with a vacuum truck?

Vacuum trucks are multifunctional, you can use them for industrial cleaning work on chemical plants and refineries. You can also use them to clean the sewers or to transport and suctioning chemicals and liquids.

Because of the combination of the  powerful vacuum pump and the other tanks and components the vacuum truck is multifunctional. You can also use the truck for removal of chemicals, liquids and sludges from oil, septic and storage tanks, pipes and sewers. After emptying this you can transport the substance by road with the truck itself. The trucks are all DOT 407-412 executed.

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How’s someone called who operates a vacuum truck?

Someone who operates a vacuum truck is also called a pressure vacuum operator. From the preparations of the job activities up till finalizing them, the vacuum truck operator has the complete responsibility of the pressure vacuum truck and the assigned employees. The operator is also responsible for all actions to be taken by the cleaning company which are necessary for a safe work performance. There always needs to be at least one vacuum truck operator present in the work environment and he needs to determine the procedure to be followed in consultation with the assistants and possibly the client. The vacuum truck operator determines if the job activities can start or should be interrupted.

Where can you buy a vacuum truck?

You buy vacuum trucks of various types and executions at KOKS Group. KOKS Group is a manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks for over 30 years now and is specialized in constructing and building several kinds of trucks for your heavy duty industrial cleaning job!  KOKS Group loves to build your vacuum truck and will always apply its high quality standards for every customer all over the world.

Where can you rent a vacuum truck?

When you need temporarily need a vacuum truck there is the possibility to rent one.  You could rent a vacuum truck in different executions and types at AQ-Rent. Vacuum rental company AQ-Rent offers you the possibility to use (extra) vacuum trucks when needed. For instance during busy periods, big projects or when your own vacuum truck needs to go for service. By renting a vacuum truck you don't need to make big investments and you can determine the rental period yourself. AQ-Rent rents vacuum trucks from every desired rental-period from 1 day.

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