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How does a dry/wet substances DOT vacuum truck work?

The operation of a dry/wet substances DOT vacuum truck

koks usa dot vacuum truck dry wet 3d animation operation

Wondering how our  DRY / WET substances DOT vacuum truck is working?

In this 3D animation we guide you through the operation process of the KOKS CycloVac step by step...

Short description of how a dry and wet vacuum truck with cyclone separator works: 
1. Volume increase
As the air makes the transition from the suction pipe connection (which is 8”) to the tank (which is bigger than 8”), the heavy parts drop to the bottom of the tank.

2. Air breaker
Provides an air refraction, which reduces the speed of the lighter particles, which also drop to the bottom.

3. Cyclone filtration
Finally, the floating parts are removed from the airflow by the swirling and refraction of the air in the cyclone.

4. End filter
Placed between the blower and the tank to prevent dust penetration.

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